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Whats the Music used in the Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailer, because i looked through all the Halo OST’s and i cannot find it :S

sorry but i can’t help you, sorry my friend

but wait is’nt it just the halo original sound track?

> sorry but i can’t help you, sorry my friend

its k :wink: , but i srsly want to find and get the music!! its so b33st!

and no- the music used is a better rock version of it but i canot find it :S

I believe the CEA Soundtrack is being recreated with Skywalker Sound for this edition so you probably won’t be able to find it until we’re much closer to the release of CEA or afterwards.

I believe the rock version of the Halo main theme is called “Mjolnir Mix”. Probably spelled wrong, but that is the main theme from Halo 2 and probably why you haven’t found it yet. The one from the Anniversary trailer is a rerecorded version of the CE original yet to be released so you probably won’t find it until after Anniversary releases. Anyway, hope I helped : )