HELP ME PLEASE! Halo Infinite Campaign issues - Not being able to Progress in the story line

So, I finally hit an issue in the campaign that won’t let me progress any further in the mission PELICAN DOWN (the game crashes). Here is the story: After I destroyed the third AA Gun where the hunters spawn; I wandered up the hill towards the main part of the map where there is some UNSC equipment up there and then I followed the arrow towards the downed Pelican area and headed towards the brute chopper that Tovarus the spartan killer brute was in and immediately my game froze played for a second again and then froze and crashed. I attempted this a dozen of times and updated EVERYTHING and checked everything where there might be issues to no avail. I am now thinking to restart the mission or last checkpoint or something. I can keep playing until I look at the chopper which then crashes the game. PS I play on a pc that is more that capable to run the game at full resolution. I have no idea what to do I even restarted that mission and destroyed the AA guns in a different order to no avail. I don’t know if im the only one or not but it’s surely frustrating; please help.

I know it’s quite a large file, but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling to make sure something isn’t corrupted? Otherwise it might be an oddball case unique to something in your hardware. I know I had issues at launch that seemed to stem from my 3070 graphics cards as other 3070 users were also having the game crash on launch.

This is one of those times where mission replayablility is imperative as loading up another session of the mission to test if it’s something unique to that situation or the overall event is helpful in testing the issue.

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I guess that’s the only option I have is to uninstall and reinstall the game. I have been struggling with the issue of it opening the gaming services app in the store every time I tried to run the game. I haven’t had any issues with any other games nor did I have any issues from launch of the beta until now. I am hoping reinstalling fixes it; i really want to play further.

Also, i run a i9-900k and a rtx 2080ti xc2 so I was thinking hardware is more than enough.

You know; you are amazing!! Just uninstalled and it works!!! Thank you so much, i did everything EXCEPT reinstall that game!! Thanks again!!


The hardware is certainly enough to run the game, but sometimes the specific architecture of a card or chip design may create errors that cause things to malfunction. I’ve seen it covered on Tech channels I follow a few times occurring in other games.

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Hey, I just ran into this issue tonight. I uninstalled the campaign first and it didnt work, then i reinstalled the game and it didnt work… any other fixes?