Help me learn!

I have never played Halo Wars (the original), but I am going to play the Halo Wars 2 beta (starting this Thursday, after exams)

I want to have the best time possible, and not get totally rekt by pros and noobs alike (I think the beta is online PVP only, correct?)

I need you clever people to give me tips, tricks, and next-gen strats to help me get me on my feet and running. I don’t need to learn how to do a Scarab Rush or anything, I just need to learn some basic tactics and controls.

Teach me!

You have three days.


They’re adding new gamemodes by thursday so anything we tell you probably won’t apply.

Wait their updating it? Since when? And what is it?

In my opinion Halo wars 1 is somewhat simpler and the gameplay has allot of diffeences to Halo Wars 2.

Its still somewhat populated. I don’t struggle to find players.

But if you play the campaigns you could learn a thing or two from that aswell

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6 years later

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Only just read the dates. Thought the old forums we’re gone

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same, had a surprise to see some of my older posts re-emerging