Help me get my clan started

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I am starting a clan called the unsc falling angels. I need members to help me get started. I plan on making us a semi competive clan. We will have a weekly custom game night, spartan ops nights, squad and free for all tournaments, a griffball team and much more. I need both squad leaders and regular members the squad leaders will assist me in running the clan. I want this to be more than just a clan but a community. If your interested check out our website and send me a message on x box live and ill get you started.

Just to let you know love, Your title for the website itself. Says “<mark>UNCS</mark> Falling Angels.” Just saying xD

Whoops thanks for pointing it out

Do you have Halo Wars?

Yea I do been a while since I played but it was a great game

A few posts below this thread is my thread. Anyone that comes to the game night, fell free to recruit them for your clan. You just have to enjoy game night with us.

What’s it titled? And thanks ill try and make it


I have a website and everything already set up with a large community. We were looking to integrate a clan into our website with its own forums, but we are having trouble finding a leader, would you be interested? Our website looks pretty professional, and it already has about 85 members. You would have customization over your forums and you would have your say in what goes on in the clan branch.

You have to make an account with Enjin to sign up on the website, but it’s worth it, trust me!

Sounds very interesting we should talk ill send you a friend request on XBL and register on your site

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How much do u charge?

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hey uh, -Yoink-???,… you know, i’m just going to call you A.V.,
I’m a representative for our clan, Team Blindshot. Right now we are a clan that is based on what exactly what you are looking for, a group of semi-competitive members who play the game for the love of the game. Now i know that you are starting up your own clan, but right now our clan is starting to grow (35+) and we think that you would be a valuable asset into making our clan better. Now, we won’t twist a guys arm to fold his project into joining ours, as stated above our clan is small and because of that we are starting from the ground up, so we have nothing to lose but everything to gain, so you joining up with us, we can both benefit from this relationship.