Help me achieve the epicness

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I need 5 people to help me out. We all play 3v3 Deathmatch on a big map (Fort Deen). We each take turns taking over all the bases except for the other player’s personal bases. Once a player has a max population of 99 and builts whatever they want, they destroy their bases and let the next player do it. This will go on until everybody has a maximum population of 99 of whatever they want. Then we all take our forces into the middle of the map and have one gigantic war. If my math is right, there will be a total of 594 units on the map (of course that is if they were 1 population units, but you get the point.) I would record this and put it up on youtube. Who’s with me?

I once managed to take the 2nd base but lost the 1st base on escaping Arcadia Outskirts. The AI ended up leaving me alone to create my army squadron of Vultures while it kept sending wave after wave into the gully I started at. I tried to see what was going on at one point but had to abandon my search because as I tried to look at the base, the game’s framerate slowed down so much I thought I was about to freeze. It must have been like what happens when one approaches the event horizon slowing rather than quickly.

Let me know if you experience similar effects :smiley: I miss attempting to freeze CE with too many explosions and such… why is it Reach’s stuttering makes me do just that? :wink:

Yeah. I have a feeling that the game might crash if you get that many units on screen at once, but good luck.