HELP ME 343! "Downloading latest Matchmaking Data"

I posted about this earlier and noone has gotten back to me. My account will not load matchmaking data. It’s only my account too, not my connection or Xbox. Every other account works, except mine of course. What’s going on? I can’t play now because it’s bugged out. Somebody PLEASE fix this because it’s very frustrating. I’m stuck at the multiplayer “find game” menu and my rank just keeps spinning.

Same exact issue, just started happening like a day ago. Spinning rank, career stats page is all blank. I’ve done uninstalls, offline to online, account removal and resetup, router resets, deleted saved data. The other account works on my system but mine doesn’t.

Must be an issue on Xbox lives side of things. I came home one day didn’t change anything and all of a sudden it was working again.