Help! Map Glitch has Overwritten my Map

I recently went into forge to look at one of my older maps, ‘Collision’ (which was not on my file share) and much to my surprise, when I selected it off of the map list on Impact, it said Forge Island and displayed Forge Island’s picture. When I loaded it, it was not the map I wanted to play, rather it was my first map variant that I made on Forge Island, named (as a place-holder) ‘Natural BTB’.

When I loaded ‘Natural BTB’ it loaded the same map. Both ‘Natural BTB’ and ‘Collision’ were the first not built-in variants on the list for their respective maps. Perhaps this may have something to do with it? Please help me figure out and fix the problem, ‘Collision’ was my favorite of all the maps I’ve ever made.

  • Dab1001

Yes, this has happened to me a couple of times in Reach, and once in Halo 4. It’s a known glitch regarding Forge, and I don’t think there’s a way to fix it, unfortunately…

That’s very annoying. We should get compensated in some way… Collision was my best map ever.