Help Legendary Bonus Content - Flaming Helmet

I purchased the Legendary Pack and entered the code. I do not see the flaming helmet. Can comeone please help by letting me know where to go to find the flaming helmet?


If you have indeed downloaded it then you would have to hit “Start” while in the games menu’s and then go to “The Amory” and find the Armor Effects, it should be the second one and titled “Legendary.”

However, if you have done this and it is not there, the content may have never fully downloaded, or the Marketplace was unavailable at the time, or something else where it never ended up on your Hardrive. So what you need to do is:

Go to the Dashboard and go to the “My Xbox” tab. (The one with your avatar in front)

Then find “Manage Account” (I believe thats the one) and go to Download History, find the Legendary content, then select and redownload.

After that it should hopefully be there, and you’ll be all set.

i am getting the same issue and i have tried re-downloading like you have described, which it says it has done but nothing is still showing. can you help pls?

Sometimes deleting the bungie bro confirmation content helps