Help, kernel event tracing error w mcc.

Hi i keep getting kernel event tracing error whenever I launch or play mcc and ONLY when I play mcc:

event ID 2 kernel event tracing, session "
dc3a3596-71e1-45a3-b2ea-39ad5322fe51 " failed to start with the following error 0x0000022

My event viewer is bombarded with this for almost a week now, I have posted This on steam’s MCC discussion board and even on reddit but unfortunately, I I got no response, anyone have solutions or familar w this issue? my game occasionally crashes or becomes a background process for some reason, it lags and glitches at times, idk but I think the problem could be related with this. fyi I did a reinstall, it didnt helped…

It’s the Easy Anti Cheat software that’s causing the error. It’s plaguing pretty much any game that uses it during peak hours. I’m guessing that their servers can’t keep up with demand. Amazon’s new MMO New World is the newest game with this problem. Major lag spikes making the game unplayable during peak hours for many.