Help in Halo Reach

Hello!! I have contacted you because I need your help. I’ve been playing Halo Reach to get all the achievements, but I need one and I can not get it because when I tried to upload my capture to my shared files (the achievement that I need is “a storage solution” description of the achievement: share a file in your shared files) I get a message saying that a file could not be uploaded correctly. Although I think the achievement has a bug, because I have 3 things shared in my files and I do not unlock anything. That’s why I ask you to help me in this regard, to solve my problem. Atte: Ed Contreras

So do you have Reach loaded on a 360 or XB1?
I’ve got mine loaded on XB1 and considering weather if achievements will be able to be gathered while on XB1.

You might review this YT video and see if this helps you.