HELP!!!....I think I'm too old for this.

Hello Fellow Gamers.

I was too excited when I first started playing, but then that excitement turned to frustration and now I’m ready to trade the game in. Not sure if I just suck, which very well could be the issue here, or the Req system has me so frustrated, that I just want to give in. With the other Halo’s, you just pop the game in and play; with this one, I actually have to think about things… When you work all day, all you want to do is put in the game and go. Kill a few Spartans, level-up get some weapons and progress. Now, I’m stuck with the basic Rifle and Pistol. Is there a cloak in this version of the game? Is there a tutorial? I want to like this game but spawning and getting killed in 3 seconds gets old after awhile…So does putting a full clip in a guy when you sneak up on him only to have him turn around and kill you in a couple shots. HELP me please… Somebody. I’m not the super competitive gamer, but I do like to have fun.


If you are not a fan of warzone play arena. Also watch the halo channel “get Req’d by Mister Chief” it explains the req system. it should help bro. its a lil confusing but once you understand it and can get better weapons and such it helps.