Help: I need tips & strategies for Halo Wars multiplayer

I thought I was pretty good at Halo Wars. I have most of the achievements and am working through the campaign on Legendary (with the use of skulls of course).

However, when I play multiplayer I lose everytime.

People rush at me with gunner warthogs, or Brute Chieftans whilst I’m trying to build up my base and research techs. I finally think I’m getting somewhere and they attack with a scarab and destroy everything.

I play a game for 1/2 hour and lose and only gain about 100 points. I’m still Recruit at the moment because of this!

Can anyone share some tips or strategies please? or link me to a website that discusses such things?

Many thanks in advance of any help.

Tip 1: Pick a unit type and build only of that type. (Aircraft, Infantry or Ground Vehicles).
Tip 2: Start building that unit type as soon as possible. (Even before supply pads if you choose Infantry).
Tip 3: Use the starting Warthog or Ghost to gather supplies.

Remember, the reason why you choose one unit type and spam it is because the game is basically rock, paper, scissors. Ground Vehicles beats Infantry, Infantry beats Aircraft and Aircraft beats Ground Vehicles. Since numbers matter, splitting your forces among all 3 unit types will most likely result in a loss.

I am yet to win a game as well. What I have stated above is what almost allowed me to win a game. The only reason I lost was that I picked Infantry, they picked Ground Vehicles.

How i play:

I play death match.

  • Play as the guy who has special units odst.

  • Start making 3 warthogs.

  • Build buildings to train spartans.

  • Train last warthog.

  • Train spartans.

  • Build other buildings (To make aircraft and ground vehec

  • Send out spartans and warthogs to other bases.

  • Now (Do whatever you want).

  • Its always good to use all types of units.

-I always win

Just to let you know my experience of the game so you know that I know what I’m talking about (Not trying to brag, just showing my credentials). I am a HW General in MM, I win the vast majority of my games, and I have finished HW on Legendary many times without the aide of skulls. I have done a lot of testing out with different strategies. I have also thought up and perfected at least two original MM strategies myself and tweaked other to suit me better. I understand that many other people may have also thought these up and maybe even before I did. I do not claim that I was the first one to invent them, but I did think them up and perfect them myself without seeing someone else do it first.
You need to know what each and every unit is for and what will counter those units. You then need to anticipate what your opponent is going to to be building. Use your scout vehicle to scout them and to pick up supplies.
2.) As said previously it’s like a game of rock/paper/scissors. In general Infantry beats aircraft, aircraft beats vehicles, and vehicles beat infantry. But you need to realise that there are exceptions to this rule. One exception is that choppers, ghosts and warthogs are not classified as vehicles, they are classified as scouts. Scouts beat air, and lose to vehicles and counter vehicles. They’re are also other exceptions because of counter units, and uber units.
3.) There is another element of the game that is also like rock/paper/scissors which is often overlooked. And that is your starting strategy. There are three main types of starting strategies, they are: Rush; Boom; and Turtle. A rush beats a boom, a boom beats a turtle and a turtle beats a rush.
A boom is where you concentrate all your early supplies in order to get an economical advantage over your opponent in order to out produce him/her during the mid game phase.
A rush is where you put the vast majority of your supplies into building offence to attack early with.
And a turtle is where you spend the vast majority of your supplies build defensive units and turrets to protect yourself from an early rush.
Each strategy has it’s own strengths and it’s own risks. Not only do you need to anticipate what your opponent is going to build but also what starting strategy he is using. If he/she is rushing you, you need to have an idea what unit he/she will use in order to effectively counter it. Likewise if you see him booming you should rush him. If he turtles you should boom.
4.) Add me on Xbox Live and I will try help you out. GT: DesertPhoenix24
Send me a message saying why you are adding me.

DesertPhoenix pretty much hit the nail right on the head. The main thing you have to do is scout, find out if they are rushing or not. If they don’t appear to be rushing, and it looks like they’re making Hunters or Tanks, pumping out all Infantry might not be a good idea.

And another thing that I fail to understand is why people feel that they have to make air units just because they are playing as Anders, ODST if playing as Cutter, etc. I think some people might do a little better if they weren’t so predictable.

Last, but certainly not least, is try to make sure you’re always making units, whatever they may be, as early as possible. Too many times have I seen people lose because they wanted to tech up to Hawks or Grizzlies before making any units, and they don’t understand how they lost in the first 10 minutes of the game. “But I was so close to researching Grizzly! I only needed 1200 more supplies, and then so-and-so showed up at 6 minutes with a bunch of Banshees and Hunters and blew up my base!”

Some great tips here guys, thank you very much.

Your description of ‘Rush, Turtle, Boom’ is something I’ve not come across before, but I can see how my actions and those of my opponents fit exactly into the different categories.

I think I’m more of a Turtle/Boom guy, but I tried Rushing last night and won the game! The opponent kept using resources up on his Arbiter Rage mode to attack my marauding Brute Chieftan that I kept recalling to my base to heal.

It meant I saved the resources for a Scarab before him, winning me the match :slight_smile:

Halo Wars does seem to favour Rushes over the other two. A really good rush can actually easily counter a turtle. If you come across someone who really knows how to pull off a great rush there isn’t much you can do to stop it even if you build the right units. That is why I mainly rush.
Again my offer still stands on showing you the ropes, just add me on xbox live. I can go through all the units strengths and weaknesses with you, there’s a lot people don’t realise about certain units and how valuable some of the weaker units can be in the right situation.

Go to and watch his videos. Really great if you want to get better.
also if you play 1v1 I would suggest Brute or anders. ALWAYS go for the hooks on hook based maps. Go harras, or rush like you call it, the opponent with brute squads and once you have set him far enough behind go banshees. As anders make warthogs in the beginning , harras the opponent and take hooks. Than spam tanks/hornets/gremlins/gauss , you should adapt to whatever the enemy is building.

If you play 2v2 i would suggest cutter or arby. With cutter you should expand right at the start if there is an open base (which is he case in most 2v2 maps, thats why cutter is good in 2v2 ). Work on your economy first , so a lot of supply pads and than just make scorpions. When arby , go temple second and harass the enemy covenant/stop expansions/stop vehicle depots/ stop airpads etc etc. Than depending on how well you harrased you can either go banshees or vampires (if the enemy has air units).

So to sum it up : unsc main task is ground units a.k.a tanks whilst the covenant takes care of the air war.

remember these are just basic tips which should get you to trueskill around 35 if done correctly.

Add me on xbox live if you want to play some 1v1 scrims or 2v2 :US DEPT JEM555
I am not the best but my trueskills are , 1v1 : 42 2v2 : 40 2v2 (random people) : 41

Thanks for that link to the YouTube vids - there’s a lot of great tips there.

I’ve only watched part of one video and already have a new strategy I’m going to try.

> Thanks for that link to the YouTube vids - there’s a lot of great tips there.
> I’ve only watched part of one video and already have a new strategy I’m going to try.

glad I could help you , keep watching those vids , they helped me improve aswell

and tell more people to watch those vids :smiley: