My account is NOT a child account so I’m not sure why its not working but.

I was never able to join a spartan company. It never had the option to request to join, and I NEED help because the company I’m trying to get into IS accepting members and ISN’T full.

Please help <3

Do you have access to the inbox feature here on Waypoint? i.e. this page:

If you can’t view messages, then your account is likely still marked as being a child account and will need promoted. My post here might be of help which also includes a link to a post by the Forum Team providing assistance for this issue.

Hello i have some problems to see my messages i m an adult so im not using a Child account please help

I Hate this website, cause Im a kid and it won’t let me JOIN
or CREATE Spartan Companies!

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> I Hate this website, cause Im a kid and it won’t let me JOINor CREATE Spartan Companies!

That’s an issue you’ll have to take up with Xbox Live as the rules are following their rules.

Also please don’t revive old threads.