Help! (Halo 5 Video Project)

I’m working on a project for halo 5 and i’m still getting footage for it. It’s hard to get it all myself since the material is being taken from Warzone matches, where i have little control over the environment. Not only that but continuously playing Warzone at this point starts to feel like a chore. That’s why i’m looking for some fellow halo fans to help speed up the projects completion. If you have any footage/ clips of using any power weapons on a Boss in a Warzone match and would like to help, send it to <mark>email removed by moderator - please don’t post personal information</mark> with either your Gamertag or YouTube channel name so i can give you credit of the footage and helping with the project. My goal is to get this finished in the next couple of months before we all, shift to halo 6. Thank You.

Don’t forget you can use the Content Browser on Waypoint or XboxDVR to bring in some clips. That being said, I’ll throw in two boss clutches: