[HELP] Halo 5 dedicated servers are garbage!

Live in the USA (west coast) with 100mbps(down)/10mbps(up) NAT type is open. Directly hard lined to modem/router and I STILL get disconnected from the servers. I can play only one or two games but by the third game i always get disconnected from dedicated servers and have to do a hard reset on the game itself (quit then reopen)
Dont really know what to do at this point because any more disconnects and ill get the banhammer. I PLAY OTHER GAMES AND THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!! (Examples: Halo MCC, Destiny, Rainbow 6 Siege, BF4, & Forza 6)

Any suggestions?? should i call ISP? xbox?

Do you “Hard Reset” your Xbox One often by holding your finger on the Xbox power button for 15 seconds? For some reason that helps a lot. Also if you are playing in a game with “High Latency” there is always a chance you’ll DC from the servers. I don’t think the servers are the problem at the moment. Xbox Live has been pretty hit or miss this past month. Maybe because of a new Dashboard update that’s being rolled out.

sometimes you need to clear alternate MAC address.

Call Microsoft and have them run a trace route.