HELP~~HALO 4 online stats

So last night I bought Halo 4 and tried to play online. This was my first time playing, EVER. I clicked on the service record for my gamer tag, and to my surprise it said I had close to 140 games played, and that my guy was on level 34 or something. This came a surprise to me, considering I had never played before… Anyways, I found out what happened. I borrowed an xbox from my friend over the summer and recovered my gamertag on it. When school started, I gave it back to him and got my own xbox, onto which I recovered my gamer tag. He let a different friend borrow the xbox that was once borrowed to me, and they used my gamer tag that was on that xbox to play halo 4. I personally thought that once I recovered my tag onto my own xbox it would disable anyone trying to use it on another xbox, I guess not. Now I am siting here wondering if there is anyway to reset those stats, because honestly, to me it is not worth having the game if it is all someone else’s progress. This could be a very basic question, but I’m not really xbox savvy so it’d be great if someone could help me out here. Thanks.

I do not believe there is a way to reset stats for an account. I suppose you could create a new account, but I can totally see how that would just be too much of a hassle.

Sorry! :frowning: