Help grow small clans


I may be able to help. Message VeileTerror on xbox live.

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The Mithral Corporation or M-CORP for short, is a hybrid competitive military clan, we play both 4v4 scrimmages and clan raids. We have a unique ranking system with non-tradition ranks unique to only our clan. We encourage you to take a look and ask some questions. You can message myself if you have any questions or wish to join at Blur T Slayer. I can be contacted on here or on Xbox Live. We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact me: Blur T Slayer

Become a Myth.

  • Blur

if you are a smale clan you are better of joining a bigger clan that known the way around things so id sugest that you join instead of begging for members

UNSC Infinity is now recruiting and we are looking for skilled, dedicated personnel to join it’s ranks. Currently the 602nd Marine Division is open for new members.

UNSC Infinity is made up of the following units

  • High Command
    – Spartan II
    – Spartan IV
    – 602nd Marine Division
    – 105th Shock Troops Division

Joining the UNSC Infinity will grant you access to :

  • Military based training - Operations against other clans and with other clans - Website with forums - Discord server - Spartan Company - US and EU members meaning players online at most timesUNSC Infinity is a military clan. Originally started in 2013 and recently rebooted we are aiming to set a mark in the Clan Community and be one of the leading clans.To join head to and fill out the enlistment form today , you will be contacted by the staff shortly after submitting the application thru xbox live.

I am the leader of Operation Trytanium there is no ranking system, other than that of halowaypoint, I do not see the company as military based one. I am a friendly person and will help anyone if i can and will answer further questions you have, you can contact me here, or on Xbox live, there is also a club with the same name as the company (Operation TryTanium) which you can join if you like.