Help finish legendary coop

I need help finishing the campaign on legendary coop. 7 missions to go 2 of which are just talking missions. Any help would be nice.
GT: vi soundwave iv

I will repay the favor and help get achievements if helped with completing coop.

Got people here otherwise I’d help out be midnight before they go ?

Is anyone available.


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> Bumpo

I can help you with a couple, but I’m not willing to do them all as I just completed it in legendary 2 days ago and don’t exactly want to deal with the whole thing again. If you want help with a couple though, my gt is the same as my username.

Thanks kyle. Anyone else want in?

Got room for two more

hey guys, me (Farty Bumble) and my mate Jon (Littleassk1cker) are stuck on lvl14 fighting the triple warden boss. happy to repay favour for playing co-op. please add us asap

I completed the campaign legendary solo, will help if you need it. check out my spartan company Warriors of Thermopylae. good luck guys!