Help ElDewrito

Please have a little patience and read this. I’ve always been a big fan of Halo and Microsoft, I played Online Halo 3 under Nick “SkylabelmhO” many years ago, after that, the following games (Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo 5) have not completely fulfilled my tastes , because I am madly in love with Halo 3, I am not saying that the following games are bad, only that my favorite game and that of the great “old” community loves. That is why I will get to the bottom of this for what is happening in ElDewrito, I do not know who are its designers or who are under this beautiful project, but since I saw that Halo 3 was for PC was like a star in a sea of FPS games. and I’m sure I’m not the only one who happened to him. I understand that ElDewrito is wrong using Microsoft’s PI and 343i but what if instead of adding this great feat they help it grow even more for the old players of Halo 3 ?. Like all the problems in the world this should be “$” problems and I do not want to judge them for that, but I would be very pleased to pay a reasonable amount of money to legally acquire and complete a copy of the great project that is embracing ElDewrito , but I want to be very clear in this, all players will be pleased to pay for unlimited access to a legal server of Halo 3 for PC, with all the great exploits implemented by ElDewrito and with your help to achieve an incredible game. with Ranked system and everything that Halo 3 Matchmaking had. this would be the best thing 343i and microsoft could do, support is better than removing. Halo 3 is implanted in many players as the best Halo Multiplayer experience of the old school and with your help the community would not do more than increase more and more.
I say goodbye cordially and although this post is closed I want you to know what this player thinks.

Long live Halo 3 !! <3

PD: sorry, my english is very poor.

Microsoft has a legal obligation to defend and protect their IP. That’s the end of the discussion.

Discussing modded content here is not allowed. You can go elsewhere, off Waypoint, to continue the discussion if you want but not here.
If you want to read about what happened, you can see the latest blog: