HELP! Black Screen Lag

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I will randomly go into black screen lag, for spurts of anywhere from 5-25 minutes across multiple games.

When I say black screen, I mean just like old H2 Blue screen standby lag. I disconnect from the game for several seconds, only to rejoin to find myself running into a wall, or usually dead.

There is absolutley nothing on my end that would suggest this. It happens only in Halo MCC.
I have forward ports, not forward ports, and fooled around with every setting on my router possible.

I get D/L speeds in the 80MBPS range, and UL speeds around 15MBPS. My connection is just fine.

Please someone at 343 take a look into my specific account. I used to have an issue where my account couldn’t search in H2A playlist, but another account on the same xbox could. This was tested with more than once xbox, my account was the issue.

I have had this issue since day one, and i see very few other people run into this problem.


I have the same issue.