Help! Beat Legendary Campaign But No Armor!

So a couple of days ago I beat the Halo 4 Campaign on Legendary, got the achievements for beating the campaign on legendary, and even my profile says I have beaten all 8 levels on Legendary, yet I haven’t received my Master Chief Armor.I have checked my in game online progress and it says that I still yet to have beat the first 3 levels of the campaign on Legendary. This was probably a result of getting kicked offline in the midst of my first mission, however, when I got back online it didn’t count the game as online progress for my armor.

I having already beat the game, I don’t really want to replay the first3 levels again… Is there anything 343 can do to reward me with my armor? My profile says I should have it, but I don’t.

If you actually have beaten the campaign completely on Legendary then you should have gotten the Legendary Visor, and Halo 3 style Mark VI Armor Set. It shouldnt matter whether it was beaten online or off, but you need to look at your missions and see if everyone of them has a Legendary Medal in them even the Prologue, Epilogue.

You must have the Legend of 117 or Lone Wolf Legend Achievements as well to get the Armor.

If you was offline when you beat levels on Legendary it doesn’t register. It’s stupid I have the same problem… been grinding Legendary Solo for 2 days just for none of it to register so no Mark VI unlock.

I want the devs to be aware of this, it needs fixing.

I have the same problem. And yes, it does appear to be whether or not you’re connected to Xbox LIVE at the time. I have the Lone Wolf Legend achievement, but the site’s service record says I’ve only beaten the first mission.

My LIVE connection is unusually flighty lately, and I disconnect whenever I’m not playing with another person. So Soloing the Campaign on legendary didn’t net me the Chief’s armor sadly.

I really don’t want to play seven more missions on legendary just to appease the system, so if someone from 343 could weigh in on the issue, that would be appreciated.

I had the same thing happen to me. I was afraid it would happen too when i was playing but the addiction got the best of me and i plowed through the campaign. I wish i would’ve waited until i got back

The same problem happened to me i was grinding it out on legendary for 2 days but sadly i was offline so i never got the armor but when i connected online it said i never beat at least threee missions and i got the achievements is there any other way i can get the armor without replaying the story?

343 have they done anything right yet?

Same thing happened to me. Luckily I only did heroic first and realised it didn’t count when I was offline.

I don’t even have the option to play online, internet is something of a commodity where I’m from. Yet I play offline with my fiancee and friends all the time.

Should we not have the option to edit our armours too, simply because we don’t live in the first world?

I understand that online is the future of many aspects of gaming but please, 343, don’t forget that not all of us are so fortunate to have the internet in our homes.

Being unable to play online is punishment enough. please, 343i, don’t add to it.

Same issue, Legendary is beaten and my internet fades in and out :confused:

I really don’t want to play through legendary again online b/c of how spotty my internet is. I have the achievement “Legend of 117”. So I don’t understand the problem…

Check your commendations

Look at campaign

See which one didn’t register it

Replay that mission, most of the time it’s Requiem.


I did, It didn’t register 5 of my missions, but in my campaign lobby they all say legendary completed.

Well you have to replay those missings I’m afraid.

It’s stupid I know, but if you want mark 6 yuo have to do it again.

I’m having the same issue. Didn’t have internet access when playing through all but the first mission. Says I beat them all on legendary in the campaign menu but when I look at my online service record it only shows 1 mission complete on legendary. Kind of disappointing as I was really looking forward to the chief’s armor and the legendary visor in multiplayer…

Same thing happened to me, beat solo legendary in two days only to find out the last two missions that i struggled the most on didn’t register? can’t 343i patch this for those of us that earned the achievements?

it’s an online thing, i feel cheated.
screw the armor! it all looks something from the power rangers now.

Ugh, requires online? Really?

I really hate how my service provider doesnt want to connec to any of XBL’s game servers.

There goes my drive to beat legendary, just 2 levels to go.

i have the same problem but the most limited thing is it does’nt matter if u are connected to xboxlive or not. i have completed the campaign on solo legendary and got the achievement. yet i did not get the armor because i did not get the commendation for mission “reclaimer”. i even checked my play history on halo waypoint and it says i played the mission “reclaimer” a few days ago and it says i completed it yet i did not get the commendation nor the armor unlocked. that i tell u is some big o’l bull****.

Same beat solo on legendary no armor! Come on 343 give us a break just patch it so the comendations and achievements offline r linked when u finally do go online. It should just be a simple update within the system…

i just beat the game on legendary today… but i was having internet issues. i beat it offline… took forever… struggled through alot of knights and grunts. and crawlers… spent hours replay the same checkpoint… finally reconnect today and nothing saved… got the achievements 2 for 200. now it appears i must redo the damn game… dah -Yoink-