Help. A question for the community.

There are two slayers types right now. Therefore, I’m interested in the differences between super slayer and regular slayer. So I would be grateful if somebody could explain the differences or post a link to explain them. Thanks

Team Slayer is your utmost base experience. Default settings with the default load outs.

Super Slayer is almost the same, except it has the title update settings. 75% bloom on precision weapons, less cloak time for active camo, and armor lock’s time can be reduced based on damage done to it while it is activated.

Team Slayer is known as “Vanilla” which is the name for playlists that are not TU, or are the same as they were when the game was released. All playlists in standard are Vanilla.

Super Slayer is pretty much a TU(Title Update) version of Team Slayer. It has 85% bloom on precision weapons, active camo is less time, as with armor lock(armor lock’s time is reduced when it is damaged while in use).

Super Slayer is essentially Team Slayer, but with the Title Update and the odd chance for Zero Bloom settings.

The Title Update differs from the settings that you see in regular Slayer (Slayer without a TU, Anniv., or ZB prefix) in that the bloom is now at 85% of what it is in regular, Armor Lock now drains faster when you damage it and will not shed a sticky grenade when stuck, and Active Camo doesn’t last as long and recharges slower.