Helo reach req pack not working In Halo 5

I bought a whole Memories of reach req pack useing so much in game curacy and I was promised to get a set of 7 req packs but in stead I got one req pack out of the seven and i was bout to break my tv . Now today Ive been going trough chat forum to chat fourum trying how to get my problem resolved until i finally came over here after 2 hours of talking to people, hopefully i can get my problem resolved now.

Are you saying you bought the MoR pack once and expected to get 7 packs? Sounds like you’re confusing the fine print. The fine print says you have to buy the pack 7 times to get the full set of Reach stuff. Read the fine print over again carefully. If you only spent 120,000 RP, you’re only getting one pack.

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Bruh thats retarded I want my req points back