Helmets from H5 in Infinite

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but the Goblin helmets in halo 5 are my absolute favorites. I would be delighted to have it back in Infinite. Halo 5 had a lot of unique and great looking helmets and I think a lot of them should make a come back into Infinite.

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We’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for customization. Right now it’s a little scarce for Mark VII customization because this season is focusing on unlocks for the Mark V [B] core.

I am not sure how they would do Halo 5 armour. The armour cores really only let you change helmet, shoulders and knee pads. Then it’s just extra stuff layered on top.

So Copperhead for example has completely different leg , forearm and chest armour to Helioskrill for example. So you would need a separate armour core to properly represent each type of Halo 5 armour.

Plus if they were redesigns they’d probably just go on your Mark 7. I suspect that most Halo 5 armour will go that way, with obligatory redesigns.

I would love to see the GEN2 Centurion helmet make a comeback, but I am also scared at how they will butcher it.