Helmet Ideas + Armor

I only like a few of the helmets I get in halo, but I do really love the pilot helmet. I love it for it’s super shiny, glossy visor it has instead of hexagons plastered across it all. As scientific as the hexagons are, I would like to see more helmets that have a more glossy visor touch and seem more pristine. More round helmets like the pilot helmet would be nice too, some with maybe teeth on the side and possibly designs to go on the helmet visor itself, similar to Emile’s gorgeous skull on his helmet. maybe some forerunner symbols, those are pretty are I think more forerunner adds to the game is much needed, and would be heavily appreciated.
I think some forerunner art and design to go into the armor would be fantastic too, whether its symbols or replicas of the forerunners themselves. I haven’t seen much forerunner input on the games as much, but maybe I missed some. These things would be great if they were added.

Viking helmet with the horns… Bear’s head with the teeth and most animal predators then throw some of the fur down the back of the armor like a cape would be fun to see. Although PETA would probably complain…

I would love if they brought back the recon helmet from Halo 3. It’s way different from the Reach one and looks better too. As for new helmets, one with protruding spikes would be cool.

I like Sangheili helmet and armor.

I like Covenant Honor Guard helmet and armor.