Helmet from Spartan Ops?

I saw somewhere that you could get pieces of armor for doing things in spartan ops. Anyone know how this works…?


I think by just completing the missions, but if you go into Halo Waypoint you can see the requirements there. I saw them in there.

Ya I think I saw it on the waypoint app on Xbox. I also just found it online here,


or here… http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/4403/armorh4.png

So I guess you have to beat some missions. I beat one of those on normal and it still says locked. Maybe it just needs to update.

You can get one helmet from playing 3 spartan ops missions alone and type in a code to get it.

Here is the list of codes, it also gives the requirements

you type them in here

If you complete the first 3 sparanbops missions then enter some codes in waypoint you can get raider armour. There is alao raider DSTT, but i dont know how to get it. Mabye look on ducain23 or nak3deli on youtube, they have the codes ans requierments.