Helmet Flames

Is there anyway I’m getting the flames? Either blue or orange?

‘Copy and paste from previous Blue Flame thread’

The Eternal Armor effect (with the Bungie Nameplate) was given out by Bungie as a parting gift to it’s loyal fans for Bungie Day 2012 (07/07/2012). The Eternal Armor Effect is associated with the Bungie nameplate, they are connected through coding. If you have the Bungie nameplate, you have ‘blue flames’. If not, then you don’t (Unless you utilized an ill-legit method, which the Banhammer will detect once you go online).

When Bungie passed the rights and data to Halo to 343 Industries, they did not hand over the rights to the nameplate system for Halo: Reach. Because of this fact (As well as copyright reasons I’m sure), 343i cannot give out the Bungie nameplate that the Eternal Armor effect is attached to and because of that 343i cannot give out the Eternal Armor effect.

As for nameplates themselves, that was a function that Bungie never transfered over to 343i and eventually outright removed the page that allowed you to change them to make room for Destiny. Legitimately it is not possible to obtain new nameplates, or to change your pre-existing name plate either incase you would wonder about it. What you have is simply put what you have.So there is no Xbox LIVE code that will unlock the Eternal Armor Effect. You had a 24 hour window to unlock it back in 2012, and if you didn’t, well you can’t get them now. So the Eternal Armor Effect (Blue Flames) is no longer obtainable.

The Legendary Armor Effect (Red Flames) is still obtainable if you can find an unopened copy of the Legendary Version of Halo: Reach to purchase online, which will come with a LIVE Code to redeem to get the Legendary Armor Effect as well as the Elite Officer Armor, and a Reach Pelican Avatar Prop (Which will unlock going to the 360 Waypoint app after putting in the code). Alternatively if you are lucky enough, you can find somebody selling a Legendary Edition Code on eBay, which will not be cheap.

Hope this helps and have a nice day now.

If you’re persistent enough, you’ll be able to find a legendary flame effect on ebay or similar sites for $50 or less. Otherwise, no. The flame effects were either legendary edition only or b.net connected users before 2012 only.