Well, I am Blueshadow Fox and I just made an account here and just wanted to ask if theres anything I should know?

Also, I have a few questions such as

Are you confident in 343 abilities to continue to Halo franchise?

Are you looking for something a little different from the original Halo formula of gameplay?

Welcome! The only things I can think of that you should know is that obviously you are among other Halo nerds here, matchmaking nerds, fiction, art, you name it, somebody here is obsessed with it.

I am confident in 343 Industries ability to continue the Halo franchise. 343’s roster is full of people who helped create Halo and people who love Halo. There are former Bungie employees, people at Microsoft who have always been involved, and people who have always been fans. Basically everyone at 343 had a connection to Halo before becoming part of that team.

I’d love to see new things done with Halo, but it would be an offshoot, so I could handle a Halo RPG, racer, third person shooter, RTS, TBS, or other genre, as long as at some point Halo comes back to be Halo every once in awhile.

Aside from the golden forum rule of don’t be a -Yoink-, check out the FAQ here… http://halo.xbox.com/forums/f/6/t/285.aspx. Oh and this http://halo.xbox.com/forums/f/6/t/1423.aspx.

As for your questions…

Yes the franchise is in good hands with 343i, and I’m not really looking for all new stuff in a Halo game, I like the current formula.

Welcome Blueshadow Fox! If there’s anything to know, just keep it cool, calm and collected. Do that no one will think you’re a pain on the forums.

I think 343 will do a nice job handling the franchise, or at least I hope so. I can’t really say considering I haven’t seen much in terms of games, but everything else has been fantastic. True to the Halo nerd like myself. =P

Honestly, I think I’ll go with whatever they do. If it’s the old formula of gameplay, that’s fine by me. I already got to play as an ODST (thank you Bungie)! So really, I guess a Far Cry map editor would be cool.

Hey BSF! Welcome to the Waypoint forums! Like suggested by others, just read the FAQ. But it’s essentially to just use common sense and use common courtesy.

I wouldn’t mind a new game with the current formula, albeit with some changes, such as the removal of bloom from precision weapons, but what I want the most, is a new game with a new genre, or formula. I would love games that were focused on a single player experience, with characters and the story at its core. A rich story tied to novels and games, without having to worry about a multiplayer to bear the load. In a game such as this, I would prefer a different genre than FPS. For a new FPS, I would love to see a large scale combat variant, Battlefield or Frontlines: Fuel of War style, if you will. I’m a little fed up on the arcade style of Halo. It’s not that it’s great, but this franchise has got a lot of potential for other paths to explore, something shich I hope, however doubt, that Microsoft will persue.

Hey, thanks everybody! I am really excited about the forums, I think I will fit just nicely here.

I didn’t even answer my own questions, lol. Essentially, what I want to see is a new type of Halo. I mean we have been playing the same game for 10 years (At least for me, the games are basically the same old Halo). I don’t want 343 to select a genre and start from there, I want them to start from the game and whatever genre they eventually fall into so be it.

The perfect Halo game for me would be new-feeling, story-driven, excellent multi-player, refreshing visuals and a new type of game. I could see a squad but not if your playing the Chief as that would defeat the purpose of the lone soldier.

Am I confident in 343? Absolutely, from what I’ve seen from waypoint it seems that 343 knows how to make things flow nicely.