Hello this is my feed back for the amazing game

hi, im SpartanAby 993

I have quite enjoyed the game, but there is something that bothers me.
During the games the game crashes or, better specified, the fps drops a lot.
strange thing since my pc has the following processor specifications: intel coreI5 10300h
graphics card: RTX 2060 6gb
ram: 16 GB
hard drive 1tb

so I exceed the minimum specifications and the game itself is fluid but it gives performance drops.

I hope you can optimize it so that this does not happen to people who have PCs like mine
and to be able to enjoy this great game

sincerely Aby

Drop your settings and adjust your fan curve if your laptop supports it. Look up the settings someone using the 1660ti desktop gpu is using and put your setting around that since that is the rough desktop equivalent of your gpu. I also suggested looking at your fan curve because laptops are very prone to overheating and thus throttling your hardware or causing outright crashes, i had the same issue with my laptop for ages until i downloaded 3rd party software to adjust the fan curve myself. If you are using an msi laptop look up software called silent option and use that while uninstalling all msi software, my laptop is msi and after doing that my gaming experience on my laptop went from unplayable to pretty dang good…

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I have the same desktop PC as you and I have the same problems!

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very thanks, could you tell me the name of the program?
and sometimes the textures get bugged
i asked and some pc have the same problem

I hope you can see that 343 since my pc runs many games this year normal and fluid, I hope you improve the optimization because if we both have the same specifications we should play fluidly and without graphic bugs

The software is called silent option, it is only for people using MSI laptops as far as i am aware so if you have another brand of laptop it won’t work for you unfortunately.