Hello, my name is oozy

Halo 5 forge is hard, Goodbye and Hope you have a great day!

Hi Oozy. I agree, but you’ll do better with practice! :smiley:

Forge is tricky to learn and pretty confusing at first. The way I learned was downloading a map that I found interesting and making my own additions. It’s even better if there are scripts as you can open up the objects related to it and essentially dissect it to see how it works. In short start out by editing maps, and later scripts then start trying to make maps of your own. Your first few maps probably won’t be great, but every map you make makes you even better at it. Also don’t delete your old maps as they are a benchmark of where you started and where you are now.

It really is all about practice and experimentation. Scripts can be very confusing, but play around with it enough and you can master it.