Hello, is it me you're looking for?

I’m almost 20.
I like good music.
I like playing with girls. Maybe because I am a girl.
Or maybe because I already have too many guy friends to play with.
I’m looking to get better, also.

If you offer me sanctuary I shan’t refuse.

hello im from a halo 4 gaming group called DMR we are a really fun and respectful gaming group we LOVE people with your gaming traits we are all very mature and respectful and just so you know there are about 5 girls in our group your age that really want to see more girls in DMR if this sounds like something your interested in please msg me back through my gamertag (DMR FoxWolf) thank you


Hello, we could use a new face although most of our members are pretty much just dudes :confused: This is just a main stream message below, but we hope you join

I am recruiting for a war simulation community known as Forerunner Conflict, where 2 sides known as REDD and BLUE fight for control over halo maps and to capture the other’s capital.

  • We have our own ranking structure
  • Rules that all members must follow(basically no teabagging and don’t be an -Yoink-)
  • Roleplaying
  • Contests
  • Events
  • of course our main attaraction is the War where people enlist to fight and why most players come to Forerunner Conflict

sign up on our site at

P.S. people in BLUE are a lot nicer and more understanding than people in REDD

Hey aixnekko! Sounds like you should give Midland Base a look! Allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Poetepoet, one of the group leaders, representative of - and Game Day host at Midland Base. Midland Base is a relaxed group of gamers of all ages and from all around the world. Most members are from the United States of America and Canada, in addition to quite a few Europeans. We play for fun. Winning is fun, of course, but it must not be at the cost of good sportsmanship and a friendly atmosphere. You can watch our introduction tour by clicking here.

That is why we are a group, and not a clan. That small difference implies the following points:

[/li]- We do not care about K/D ratios, overall performance or call outs. As long as we had fun during the game, it’s all good.

  • We don’t require you to change anything at all. Your Gamertag can stay the same, your armor permutations and it’s paintjob are yours to pick and your four-character callout is all yours to decide. We have a group emblem, but this is entirely optional. Most members do enjoy using it though.
  • We do not make newcomers go through some “boot camp” or entrance exam. We do not require you to come to some “basic training” every week. Show up for Game Nights whenever it suits you. We’re here to provide a good time.
  • All we ask for is that you are friendly, show good sportsmanship and that you do not cheat and/or boost.

We support every Halo title that can be played on the Xbox 360. In addition to that, we will support both Halo 5 and Bungie’s Destiny on the Xbox ONE. I invite you to take a look at our website and our forums.

What we offer:

[/li]- Friday Game Night, held in Halo 4, is the perfect moment to blow off steam after a long week of work or studying. Jump right into the action and blast your way into the weekend.

  • Classic Saturday, a game day with group gaming in older Halo titles such as Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, including Fire Fight and/or Campaign.
  • Saturday Game Night, also held in Halo 4, is where the most fun chaos is. A nice mix of Matchmaking and Custom Games to enjoy Halo 4.
  • Sunday Game Day, still in Halo 4, is ideal to meet your fellow group members who live across the Atlantic. Great fun for everyone.
  • A Screenshot Caption Contest, a weekly event where members can submit funny and witty captions for a randomly selected screenshot, vote for their favorite caption and possibly see their creation featured on the website.
  • A Member Spotlight, where members are put in the limelight on the front page for everyone to see for a week. Do something great, and everyone will know your name!
  • Forgers and Game-makers. We have a good selection of members who create content for everyone to enjoy, varying from imports of older gametypes to Ricochet maps with a statue of our mascot. And they’re more than happy to pass on their knowledge.
  • Photographers, our dedicated group of members exploring the artistic side of the Halo universe. You can see our creations popping up in the Weekly Bulletins from time to time, and they discuss new ways of making magnificent out of pretty.
  • Montage Makers, who dedicate their capture cards to making fancy montages and action packed films.
  • A Twitch channel with our live streams, for everyone to watch. The shenanigans and fun is immortalised forever, and allows people to be there even when away from their consoles.
  • A YouTube channel featuring all our montages, live streams, funny clips and unplanned Game Nights.
  • Our Grifball team, the Midland Bellwethers, registered in GrifballHub’s Good Games League that has been active since the 2012 Spring Fling.
  • Honesty; we don’t allow cheating, and as a community we strictly comply with the developer’s rules prohibiting any tomfoolery.
  • We recently became a Destiny / Halo group - so if you intend to play Destiny when it releases in 2014 you won’t have to find another group, you’ll be able to play it AND continue to play Halo right with us.

All those interested may apply here.