Hello community!

Hey I’m so happy to be joining you guys on Dec 25th! Ive been waiting to get out from that destiny community, Its toxic, players hating on each other, if your not familiar with destiny there are three classes Titan, Warlock, And hunter each having there own ability’s, well some classes, well… hate on other classes and some people go on the forums and hate on the classes and tells the developer to nerf it, me being a titan was hit hard and I was almost unable to play because they nerfed are damage. And now its just gotten out of control, people cussing at each other, and I was done with it. They had Pay to Win pay $29.99 and you will level up to 25, they have exclusives for playstation witch sparked a lot of hate, Ive took a short look at forums and the community is nice. Bungie (The developer from destiny) has a high price on DLC’s and I just can’t keep throwing money away. Anyway enough about the destiny community, I’m really hyped to be jumping into Halo 5, and I really like what I’m about to get into.

Can’t wait to play with you guys.
Happy Holidays!


welcome your gun is over there your what o no guns but we have cookies

See you on the battle ground.