Hello!! Any of my old acquaintances on here?

So its been a few years since halo 3 was really to somewhat active… I just wanted to post this thread to see if anybody I knew (doesnt matter if I hated you or vice versa then) from slayer or doubles got on the forums anymore. You could literally be anyone I played, just want to say hi.

my gamertag was Rooky Fox or Idolise

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No one is going to make you a forum mod because of your rulebook thumping and stoic attitude. Answer his question or leave, it’s a really simple concept.

Who said he wanted to be a Forum Moderator? He’s just trying to help out. I think I see him do more work than actual Mods…

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I think you should practice what you preach my friend. You started the off topic comments. What I did was within the rules, since all I did was give him a friendly reminder that he isn’t allowed to post the same thread across multiple sections of the forum.

And I don’t want to be a forum moderator, never once said I did. I don’t have that much spare time. I simply give them a helping hand in keeping the forums clean, and I’m not the only one who does so.