HellKeepers Relaxed, mature, matchmaking clan

Do you want a solid team EVERY match? Do you want a team who is guaranteed to have mics 24/7? Do you NOT want to join a clan with set events and rules to get this? ENLIST IN THE HELLKEEPERS 1st REGEMENT! We are a relaxed, team oriented, matchmaking based clan, which pretty much means when 3+ members are online then we play. We will have scheduled events from time to time, such as LASO groups, but mostly HellKeepers is based in matchmaking.

Head over to our page for enlistment http://www.bungie.net/fanclub/hellkeepers1stregiment/Group/GroupHome.aspx

Age limit of 13+ (sorry Kids)
When we do play as a complete team we require that all members use ODST helm any other armor that you use will hopefully reflect on your position on the battlefield
When we do play it is required that all member use the clan emblem.
All recruits are required to go through initiation, just to weed out the lazy ones.

I find it boring when clans demand everyone to have the same kind of armor and emblems, that may be an turn off point for some people

i would just like to point out your profile picture is of the commando helmet, not ODST. doesn’t this go against your second requirement?