Helioskrill in Halo Infinite

With the news of there being a reward for players reaching 152 in halo infinite, I have to ask if we should get Helioskrill in halo infinite for beating the MCC on legendary?

Nah, Helioskrill should be unlocked by beating Halo 1-5 on legendary. Make it cumulative for each game :joy:

Sure, would be a cool set of armor to have as a reward for 152. A much better option than anything else 5 has to offer.

I think it would be cool if they maybe let you pick one or more armor sets from H5 to bring over, if that makes sense. Like I personally don’t like Helioskrill all that much, but I adore Achilles and would want to use that in Infinite.

If they do make an armor set available as the reward I hope they decide to make it attainable after the game has died down (like recon on Halo 3). And If it’s an armor set for the love of god please don’t let it be something atrocious like helioskrill. A good Mark V or VI variant will always make me happy

If Helioskrill did make its way to Infinite, it should only be rewarded to players who’ve finished all MCC campaigns on Legendary.

There shouldn’t be any “alternate skins” for the armor set tossed in loot boxes like in Halo 5.

Eh I’d rather be able to unlock it in game, not from beating other games. I think it’s fine 152 are gonna get a little somethin somethin if it’s small but anything substantial like Helioskrill I don’t want tied to other games.

I had heard from a few different sources way early into infinites production (sort of, it was some
time after the latest e3 demo, the one on the ring showing the wildlife and such). So I had heard that there was a reward in infinite for getting the legend achievement. Considering that earned us helioskrill in 5, here’s to hoping that reward will be helioskrill again. Also, in the extremely recent update in one of the released screenshots, the Spartan with the green visor pointing in the image appears to have a chest piece highly reminiscent of helioskrill, so maybe there will be a slightly updated helioskrill design in infinite.

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