Helioskrill Armor

I was told to post here regarding not receiving the helioskrill armour I have the legend achievement and spoke to an IAN regarding this he said he approves it and to post here and I will receive a response within 24 hours.
Please respond ASAP
Alex (Vyio)

I’m also having trouble, I have the achievement also

Go check through your armor in customization! I’m betting it’s in there because that’s where I found mine. It still hasn’t shown up in my collection

Hey I was having the same problem until I looked in my Spartan appearance and looked through all my unlocks of armour and it was in there for some reason it does not show in collection hope this helps :slight_smile:

It seems that the issue of unlocked armors (via the MCC) not showing up as unlocked REQ’s still persists. I hope this will be addressed at some point.

Take a look through all your armor pieces. Pay no attention to your collection because the helioskrill won’t show up as obtained. I believe you will find it mixed amongst your items!