Helioskrill Armor Not Unlocking

Hey guys, I know this is an older issue but I’m not aware of the state of things now on it compared to when it first came up (as far as if anything has changed about how it’s handled now), so bear with me.

Obviously, my issue is that I got the Legend achievement, but I didn’t get the associated unlocks in Halo 5. My question is that as the issue stands now, do I just need to wait and they’ll turn up on their own with a bit of time, or do I need to contact someone about it? If it’s the second one, what’s the easiest way to go about that?

Appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

I have answered this question a few times and the method works for most people.

On MCC: start a mission on legendary (Halo 2’s Gravemind was the one we used, some have used Uprising as well but I don’t believe that any other game works) then, quit out whenever you want.
On H5: go to the game and see if it’s there.

If it isn’t then you may find some other answers in the support forums

You could just play a lot of multiplayer and unlock the armor from req packs. I do also agree that it’s very annoying when you think that you should have unlocked a specific item but you haven’t because of various reasons like with the Halo 4 LASO emblem for me.

If you haven’t got it yet go back to mcc and change your emblem or something and then go back to Halo 5…worked for me…

Hope this helps