Helioskrill armor issues

I have beaten the master chief collection on legendary but the armor is not unlocked. I also have the legend achievement. Is there anyone knows how to trouble shut this issue?.

I’m also having the exact same issue, recently earned the achievement after taking a break from Halo for a while. Granted, I’ve unlocked the achievement quite recently, around 20-30 minutes ago. So I suggest that we just wait for records and stuff to update then see what happens. After all, it’s a cross-game award so I can imagine that taking a while, a few days at least to update and be passed onto the player.

I think the helmet and armour are now only obtainable via the REQ system through gold packs. I’m not so sure but I think that’s the reason why.

i spoked to xbox spport . no much they can do . is up to time now

Well, shortly after responding I unlocked the armour set so it’s definitely not locked to REQ packs. Just give it some time, open and close MCC, Halo 5 and Halo Waypoint see what happens.

Unfortunately it’s sever side achievements now so all you can do is wait and hope it registers.

Start a H2 Legendary level on MCC
Go back to Halo 5 once it has loaded up a bit.

sygma thx super a lot👍!!! it work!!!

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> sygma thx super a lot👍!!! it work!!!

Np, happy to help