Heed my Warning as a Long-Time Halo Veteran; No more talking about Creating New Halo Games

Someone has to say it so here I am. There is a TON of narrative going around in regards to “New Halo Games Being Made” or “Future Halo Games” and I am going to tell you right now; there absolutely should be zero intention of creating “New Halo Games” or “Future Halo Games”.

Reality Check: Halo Infinite is the Halo Game. Halo Infinite is The Future of Halo. Halo Infinite IS the Future Halo Game.

Upgrading Halo Infinite to a better Engine and it works as intended? Fine.
Branching Halo Infinite out to other platforms? Iffy, but fine.
Keeping the 10-year (minimum) Promise that Halo Infinite IS the Core Halo Experience: An Absolute.

PS. Season 3 needs to absolutely blow it out of the water or Halo Infinite will be neglected by all. This is words from the wise directed at both the Publisher and Developers. I’ve been in the gaming industry longer than most. I know the core chemistry when it comes to keeping whatever players you have left and also gaining more. We’re off to a good start with leadership change and there is momentum behind Halo Infinite right now. Please continue focusing on Season 3 guys. Let it come rip-roaring out like a banger.


Let’s have a very basic recap here …

Beta release, we were told all the bugs would be ironed out, and there would be much more content on official release … Never happened. People were told to hang on, stuff is coming, again, never happened.

More recently, the only other real content was the Forge beta release, and the custom browser, and even though the hype suggested it would spark life into Halo, it did Not, this game is plagued with bugs and for the most part, empty. Season 3, Oh please, spare me.

I notice a lot of maps have been removed from the community custom browser, are people removing their content, or is 343?


Many of us already said this a year ago, but Infinite will not be the game that 343 promised it would be until 2 or more years after it’s initial launch. That’s just how 343 operates as of lately, look at any of their previous titles besides Halo 4 and you can see that we still got at minimum another year before we start seeing any real progress in Infinite. And that still doesn’t mean Infinite will suddenly become “good,” it might be become decent. The MCC’s Bungie-era Halo emulator still reigns supreme, but unfortunately, I think after this third strike or fourth strike to some, the Halo franchise is losing a lot of long term and short term players really fast. It didn’t help that Phil came out and backed 343, I mean that was cool of him as a boss but as a fan, I have ZERO HOPE for Halo now.


I think 343v needs to keep and fix Slipspace. New engines at the scale Slipspace wants to be take 2-3 major overhauls to get where they need to be.

Pull a Destiny 2. Keep what works with Slipspace, and launch a new 10 year platform when after you rework the parts of the engine that are causing the issues. Whatever the sequel to Infinite ends up being, I bet that ends up as the 10 year platform

this is all compleet wrong in a lot of way’s.
if you think that halo infinite is the game there most keep working on then you are really the only one that thinks that.
since a lot of other people think the compleet diffrend side from it.

halo infinite has the worst of the worst results there are in the compleet halo serie’s.
its has become so worse that people have no compleet trust any more in the game at all.
its better that there stop the support from halo infinite and let it die for good.

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It was said tatanka is getting unreal engine, they did not say infinite is making the switch, or not that I’ve heard anyway. Could be possible to have 2 separate games on different engines

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When they talk about focusing on multiplayer, I talk about making a new game. I have no interest in spartan live fire exercises. They were fun in 2002 on splitscreen. I just want more of the world, and if Infinite is going to be continuing the story solely through these terrible seasonal “narrative events,” I’ll be yawning until the next good campaign comes… if it comes

343 never said that. In fact it was quite the opposite. They were using terms like “after release” and “long term.” Little did we know how long they actually meant. In many cases they just didn’t know how to break the bad news so they strung is along, hoping we would forget. And, oh boy, did millions of us forget and move on.

I hope Halo Infinite boring gameplay experience isn’t the future of Halo because if that’s the case then Halo is definitely doomed. Only because Halo needs to evolve as a whole and not just graphics but everything. We can still have Arena Multiplayer but that shouldn’t be the only mode to play.

The fact there isn’t a huge Social Warfare Mode that gives the player countless opportunities to play how they want to across the entire Halo Universe and grind for the things they want is absolutely outrageous. Halo has so much potential but when everything is built around competitive gameplay and Humanity Armory being OP for every Halo game for the last 20 years it kills the franchise altogether. Which is one of the reason why Halo is dying out.

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