Heavy game BTB

i feel 343 should implement a heavy game mode in big team battle such as big team slayer or ctf heavy. Where snipers rockets lasers tanks guass hogs banshees wraiths are all on the map

I would like a BTB heavies playlist eventually. It’s quite fun.

Would love a BTB Heavy playlist. Need more vehicle action which Halo 5’s BTB surprisingly lacks :confused:

I completely forgot that heavys was a thing it’s been so long. Those where honestly the best BTB maps too.

If they did that they’d have to make the maps bigger. That much firepower on smaller maps is just asking for trouble.

I agree, BTB Heavies should come back.

I’d like a heavies version, but we’d need more maps and better ones that are more accommodating for that playstyle. There’s only 3 that I can think which could be possible right now and they are Viking, Altar and Dispelled, but even they aren’t the greatest.