Heavy Equipment

Think of it like this, it is equipment you carry but you have to carry it like a support weapon and would have the same attributes. The equipment would be more powerful but far more noticeable. Once deployed you can activate it remotely. They would be mainly for traps as it would be ineffective to deploy them during immediate combat as it would take sometime to activate them (1-3 seconds) and you may already be dead. Some suggestions based off of normal equipment

  • Anti-tank mine that can take out tanks.
  • bubble shield that is either invincible or tremendous health and deflects incoming bullets back at the general direction of the attacker while normal bubble shield if in game is nerfed.
    -Power drain has slightly larger AOE and the final self destruct explosion can be fatal but not if on full shields.
    -Deployable AA air turret that must be used manually not remotely.
    -Regenerator exactly the same then nerf its possible normal counterpart .
    -Deployable barriers that you can either have unenterable by vehicles, infrantry can get past but bullets can’t, can’t pass but bullets can, etc.