Heavy breathing when glitched out?

Playing halo 5 just now and the warZone game I was playing lagged out and returned me to a glitched screen but when I got to that screen there was heavy breathing and no music, I waited for 45 minutes. There was still breathing. Wonderin if anyone knows anything about it ha I posted a 2-ish minute video on YouTube “halo breathing in glitched screen” if you wanna see exactly what I’m talking about.

Never seen this. Its -Yoinking!- weird lol

I’ve had it happen to me too lol. I was in the middle of sprinting and I lagged out of the game. All I could hear was my spartan gasping for air. I would have the clip but -Yoink- system forces me to bookmark the clip if I want to keep it forever.

Xbl is having issues.