Heavy aim?!

Hi everyone.
In a old post i read a cool description of an issue in the gameplay. I want to know if 343 know about it, and if they can give some advise to resolve it, or to avoid it…
Here a cit of that post:

> "Good to know that I’m not imagining heavy aim still existing.Personally I’ve come to the conclusion that heavy aim is a seperate being from lag but they still correlate. In laggy games heavy aim is always present, but in normal games heavy aim can still exist on its own.Heavy aim must have something to do with server connection:
> When playing social gametypes on balanced and you match instantly I get the best connections and everything is buttery smooth.
> But then when playing HCS in high(ish) onyx on balanced it can take very long times to find a match. That means that the game has exhausted finding players near you and you connect to player far away. Heavy aim steps in quite consistently in these situations.A most curious thing is that during a game when I’m experiencing heavy aim, either spamming the start button or changing your sensitivity or dead zones, exiting the menu and the changing the settings back to original seems to eliminate heavy aim most of the time. Though this only works for the duration of your current life.It seems to me like every time a PoV change occurs the heavy aim steps in if the connection is not ideal. I can fix the heavy aim with start spamming and eventually when I die the death camera instantly gets heavy aim. I fix that again with start spamming and when I spawn the heavy aim is back yet again.And I have to say that I’n playing with a great set up: wired elite controller, low input lag gaming monitor, ethernet connected xbox one and a very effective internet connection. So no problems should exist on my side.
> I’ve played Halo 5 up to SR152 so I’ve developed very high senses in terms of my aim, I can instantly tell if the aim works like it should or if there is heavy aim in the air.But yeah, all in all an extremely annoying problem in the game. I’ve been dealing with it ever since I optimized my gaming setup and noticed that there’s actually something wrong with the game. Heavy aim is probably the main reason why one can’t hit anything if you haven’t played for a day or two, completely unlike older Halos in which you could play normally right off the bat. Certainly hope this issue isn’t in Halo 6, if it is I just might even drop the franchise completely, would be a shame. 10 years of Halo dropped because the one single most important mechanic doesn’t work properly. Still can’t wrap my head around how aiming is connected to servers in any manner…
> What I experience as heavy aim is:
> The aim becomes unresponsive, sluggish or lazy so to say. As if your aim had a mass and momentum, it doesn’t start moving instantly upon input. On top of the sluggishness it feels like someone has dropped your sensitivity by 1 unit or tampered with the dead zones.";

They’re aware of it. They made a patch to fix some of it, but they said they can’t get rid of all of the instances which can cause the heavy aim feeling.