Heavies Feedback?

Looks like the Heavies thread in War Game is locked. Oversight?

Assuming so, I’ll leave just a bit of feedback here. I really like the playlist. Much explosions. Very cool.

I only have one criticism at the moment. I don’t think CTF works for heavies. I had 4 CTF games tonight. Half of one team quit each time. The scores were way lopsided. The last game, I JIP’d in about 5 seconds before the opposing team got their second cap, and spent the next 2 minutes being spawn killed. They had our tank, both Banshees, and a gauss overlooking blue. One guy was blazing away with an incineration cannon and the last guy was just running the flag. I would die before I had a chance to move. Our team ended with one kill.

Heavies is going to be played by people in the mood for explosions and destruction. A full party picking CTF is going to just bowl over the randoms they will face (I was on both sides of that tonight). I don’t think CTF is a good fit.

KoTH, on the other hand, is quite nice. Team Regicide might work well, too!

Whoops! Thanks for the head’s up. I unlocked it so feel free to go move this feedback there. :slight_smile: