Heavenly Sword Gaming recruiting for Halo Wars

Hello everyone! I am the Halo Wars leader for Heavenly Sword and was tasked with this: recruit members for Halo Wars 2. So, are you interested in finding a community that plays almost everything? Looking for PC gamers? Xbox gamers? Well, HS is the place then.

We support games on Xbox such as our flagship game, Halo 5: Guardians, as well as other games like Overwatch, Battlefield and Destiny. As far as PC games we support, we have players for most games on PC. World of Warcraft? Got them. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? We have players there too. We have players for most popular games and in the future, Halo Wars 2. Both on Xbox and PC.

Our main platform for communication would be Discord. There are a few Halo Wars players in the community, including myself, and we are looking to expand more into it.

So if you are interested in Heavenly Sword Gaming, you can join here: http://www.heavenlyswordgaming.com/ . Please note that you are not required to join the Spartan Company unless you feel the need to. There are 2 companies for HS. HS1, mainly for competitive players of Halo 5, and HS2; mostly for the players who are a bit more casual and/or aren’t on as much.

Really a solid group. I highly recommend taking a look!