Heat Maps?

Where can I find the regular Halo Reach Global Heat maps? Either the most recent updated or on Bungie’s site? When I try to load the older ones from Bungie.net, it won’t load. I can load my own personal heatmaps but not the global ones. Any help? Thanks.

Hey dude, Welcome to the Forums.

If you didn’t already know Bungie doesn’t update any Halo stats anymore. So don’t bother looking on there site for recent stats. I am unaware of how to look at this feature but I am sure 343i is recording Heat maps and they probably have plans for making this a viewable stat. I think they are just a bit busy with Halo 4. But after that is released, stats for Halo 3 and Reach should be updated.

I really hope they make more stats viewable for Halo 3. Please 343.