hear my ideas!

there is this game out there, its called grepolis. its an mmog. It would be so much fun to see this setting, like building things. Not like wars (With a map from above) but with an open universe like no mans sky. it would be cool to recruit other players and play factions and build up a fleet and create ur own citys maybe even with alot of npc. I know its not gonne be in this game… but would it not be cool if it was a stand alone, i mean sure fine as a free option like COD does with warzone. but then with a planetside 2 or something, i so wanne create my own city with nano tech, it would be cool to have the cov or the flood be around that act like you can interact to trade or something, Also playing as cov would be cool, creating a cov army an attack other planets. BUT THAN IN A FIRST PLAYER MODE!!! i missed that so much in wars, i hope the new engine could do that in a later stage.


The UnreadHorse75

It’s not a bad concept but that would a huge shift in direction for 343 Industries. Don’t count the idea too short, they’re always experimenting with new concepts so anything is possible.

Not sure how this relates to halo?