Hear me out - REQ Packs again but done differently

I believe it is safe to say the REQ pack system introduced in Halo 5 was not well received by the Halo community.

I believe the loot crate system was not the way to go in terms of armor customization as it was all determined by a chance what armors you got and getting the armor of your choice was not likely and you would be left less than desirable helmets and armor. It also made it so each armor had no meaning when looked at which contrasts from many games where time and effort had to be put in and others could see that be amazed.

But now for the controversial part…

I believe that the REQ pack system could be reworked in a way that would be more acceptable in the community. My proposal is that if there will be another Warzone game mode like a new firefight, the way to earn your REQ weapons is via packs. This would mean that only REQ weapons and vehicles would be unlocked by opening these reworked packs. So while these packs would still be around, they will only be important to those who play the new Warzone/Firefight game modes and armor acquisition would be excluded from these packs.

I’m curious as too how others view this idea and how obtaining packs would go on

Thank you!

<em>Edit (Previous/Omitted): To better fit in they would be purchasable using a different in-game currency or with real world money (USD, EUR, etc.)</em>

Whenever utility items (ie., weapons, vehicles, etc. that are not purely cosmetic) become available for purchase with real money, there is no way to ensure the system is ethical and consumer-friendly. The underlying strategy will always and without exception be to drive sales of packs, regardless of how it may be presented.

So, like many players, I will not touch a mode which includes anything resembling the REQ system ever again. Ideally, no game would have any microtransactions, but at least cosmetic-only MTX are not intrusive. If they are available for direct purchase (ie., no loot boxes), then there is no argument for gambling to be made either. Additionally, we have already received info about cosmetics that can be earned and not purchased, something I am glad to see.

I believe I am understanding what you are saying with the first part perhaps just making it based on a currency earned by playing the game mode that resembles Warzone. I do agree the idea of either or would not be a good idea as it would make the game ‘pay to win’. 343i could also implement a mode excluding REQs to eliminate the use of special power weapons or vehicles to appeal to the player base that don’t like the system of REQ levels and guns.

I do understand that we have information on the new cosmetic system though I am just making it clear there should be no armor in them.

REQ packs were abhorrent because they tried to goad you into spending money and grind for no good payoff.

They should not return in any manner.

With that being said, REQ packs should have been unlockable through daily/weekly missions. Every REQ pack and every weapon in that pack should be dismantlable into a resource that can get you more REQ packs or specific weapons from REQ packs.

They should be unlockable, for everyone who wants to play the game to get them. Weapon and vehicle variations shouldn’t be behind paywals, that’s silly.

I agree honeslty. I believe that a challenge system would fit it better.