Headtracking+LEAP Motion Finger tracking Halo

I have been testing out combining VR control methods , how to play HALO 4 with headtracking and LEAP Motion finger tracking find out how and more here thegameveda: Preparing for VR: Combining LEAP Motion+Cinemizer OLED headtracking+Kinect Voice Recog in PS3 and Xbox 360 games . I am just beginning to get this working ,I play wearing the Cinemizer OLED hmd with HALO Anniversary in OLED 3D with handtracking , headtracking , the joypad and Kinect Voice recognition combined as you can see in the video below . That is 3 simultaneous VR control methods used to play Halo and in fact any Xbox 360 game you chose .

direct link to video here http://youtu.be/5qBLWI45rqo

PS anyone can do this just check my blog to see how !

Imagine when LEAP Motion and Zeiss headtracking get combined natively in Xbox games!

Pretty cool dude. Microsoft Fortaleza is rumored to be an incarnation of that tech in a few years.