Headset Recommendations

I’m looking to upgrade my headset, but frankly have only used the headsets that come with the console.
From what i see in other threads, the trend seems to be Turtle Beach or Astros.
The key characteristics i’m looking for in a headset are comfort, durability, compatibility with an elite controller, and sound quality; the latter being most important.

I’m interested in hearing from people who have taken a leap and have or are using upgraded headsets.

What make/model headset do you have experience with that you would recommend?
What did you like/dislike about the headset?

I made a post on this a while ago, which has my top three recommendations unless there’s something specific like wireless that you want. Generally, I advise people to avoid brands like Turtle Beach and Astro because they are overpriced junk. They have no experience in audio products outside of the niche console market. Out there, beyond the console market, there are manufacturers with decades of experience producing audio gear for professional applications that you should be looking at. All my recommendations in the link are either made by, or source technology from, the real audio companies, and that’s why I feel safe recommending them.

Personally, I use as my daily driver the Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO. They’re pretty much as good as it gets for the price. The audio quality is as good as you can get for 130€, although the close back design necessarily makes the sound stage a bit smaller. They’re really comfortable thanks to the large ear cups, and durability wise: the headband is made of steel and two millimeters thick aluminum. The only thing that always bothers me is that the hinges that attach the cups to the headband feel kind of shoddy, and not so premium. Also, closed back isn’t really optimal for the listening experience, and you’d probably want open back. I just needed closed back for noise isolation. But the catch is – why I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them – that they’re not a headset, but headphones. That is, they don’t have an integrated mic. I get around this by using a separate mic (ModMic 4.0) that attaches to the headphones when I need to speak.

However, the point is that it’s a good idea to be ready to consider more esoteric options. People tend to recommend Astro and Turtle Beach not because they’re good, but because they’re what they’ve heard of, what they bought, and it’s all they know about. It’s an echo chamber.

Excellent post Tsassi! I definitely see your points and will certainly consider options outside of the brands in the OP.

I went with a refurbished Turtle Beach XO7 because it was on sale/cheap.

That being said, I’m hard of hearing, so I don’t need Sennheiser (or Beyerdynamic) quality.

When titanfall came out I purchased the titanfall headset to go along with the game. They felt awkward at first since the headband sits above your head but, after using them awhile I’m really happy with them. Now you are getting a better price than what I paid for them. They were $150 when I bought them. Now they are at walmart for $90. They are easy to hook up. Not like my previous turtle beach set which had. 2 sets of wires, bass boost box which had to get plugged into Xbox and tv to work properly. These are a cinch to use. That’s just my opinion though. Hope you consider them.